Turn Off the Boob Tube!


My first TV memory is my mom turning the TV off. The purple fabric of Lent draped over the screen as if shielding us all from the “boob tube” as Grandma Agnes liked to call it.

Nearly four decades later, I’ve challenged myself to turn off the “boob tube” once again. The timing is perfect. Yes, it’s Lent, and I’m not ready to give up my other “boob” – the wine bottle. After a particularly hair-raising day with my four young kids, I celebrate survival with a singular glass of red wine after they’re snug in bed.

But what makes the timing even more perfect is I’m in the mess of writing a novel. Every block of free time I get is needed to write (and re-write). Last weekend at the Atlanta Writing Workshop, I got the nudge I needed from writer and editor extraordinaire Chuck Sambuchino. He gave us the 10 keys to writing success. No. 10: Make more time for your writing. Put down the remote. Done!

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