Every Mom Needs a Mom

She knew I had my hands full and offered to take my son to soccer. She’s a mom.

She noticed my daughter didn’t have ballet shoes and brought an extra pair to class the next week. She’s a neighbor and she’s a mom.

She invited me to lunch when I was lonely. We talked and laughed for hours. She’s a friend and she’s a mom.

She called me when my son bumped his head, when he had a rash and when he skinned his knee. She assured me he’s going to be okay. She’s the school nurse and she’s a mom.

She told me who to see when I needed a good dermatologist, a good pediatric dentist, the best ER for children in town and a good “haircut.” She’s an OB-GYN and she’s a mom.

She made me a coffee during a playdate and let me cry without judgment. She’s a mom.

She mailed me a box full of beautiful hand-me-down clothes and shoes unexpectedly. She’s my friend who moved away and she’s a mom.

She listened to my book idea and told me to keep writing! It has potential. She’s a mom.

She knew we both could use a break and invited my son over so our two sons could play. She’s a neighbor and she’s a mom.

She told me where to get the best London Fog in town. She’s another neighbor and she’s a mom.

She messaged me when the Atlanta interstate collapsed and asked if my family was okay. She’s the friend who always keeps in touch and she’s a mom.

She told me she loved what I wrote. It spoke to her and brought back beautiful memories, words of encouragement I needed to hear. She’s an aunt and she’s a mom.

She said she wishes our families lived closer. And I feel the same way too. She’s a cousin and she’s a mom.

She knew I forgot to bring food for my kids and saw my kids staring at her kids’ snacks. She offered them snacks too. She’s a soccer mom.

She agreed for her kids to take care of our pets when we went on vacation. She’s a very brave and incredibly kind neighbor and she’s a mom.

She offered to hold my toddler son so I could be the Mystery Reader for his big brother’s class. She is my son’s teacher and she’s a mom.

She sent me a handwritten card and told me why I’m an awesome mom, even though I didn’t feel I deserved it. She’s a sister and a mom.

She emailed me to say she’s really going to miss my child next year. She’s my daughter’s teacher and she’s a mom.

She brought me an orchid when she came for a visit because she knows I love flowers. She’s my mother-in-law and she’s a mom.

She bought a plane ticket to help me with the kids no questions asked when my husband had a weeklong business trip. She’s Grandma and she’s my mom.

She called me to say sorry she didn’t make it to my party. Her doctor found a tumor and thought it might be breast cancer. She’s going to be okay. She made me cry. We made a playdate. She’s a friend and she’s a mom…  who needs another mom.

Because we all do.

Behind every mom, there’s another mom pulling her through.

She’s a mom and she knows when you need a mom too.

Mom note

Moms pay it forward no questions asked. To celebrate Mother’s Day, share this MOMMIPOP with the mom who gave you a little lift when you needed it most.  Want to give her a little more love? Build a box full of mom-joy at Mpoweringmovement.com or host a mom party and build gift boxes together for your favorite charity supporting women and children. My mom friends and I chose Racheal’s Rest. Because being a mom is knowing everybody needs a little extra love and support sometimes.


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