The Coolest Ticket to Summer Fun: Cousins!

Take your tickets, cousins! Here, Valentina, your seat D-18 on this year’s trip to Rainbowland! This fairytale place, also known as the Probst family farm, is where you’ll find about a dozen or so cousins packed as tight as hay bales into a four-bedroom farmhouse like summers past.

VV rainbow land ticket
Ticket made by my niece for my daughter to take her to “Rainbowland” – their field of dreams!

Every July, my sister and I journey with our kids to the family farm in Illinois to cool off, for climates cooler than Doha, Qatar, and HOTlanta. But somehow here at Rainbowland, you always get more than what you bargained for. And cousins are the COOLEST part! In fact, the day’s rarely scheduled itinerary is so much fun, we forget about our bug bites and the farm’s fragrance.

Here are just a few of the inexplicably fun activities only possible in Rainbowland…

Wake with the morning sun and venture outside in your pajamas with Grandma eager to start the day!

Tucker & Grandma Val

Enjoy unlimited fly-swatting contests…and critters to catch!

Fly swatters Boone

Pick pecans from 100-year-old trees!

Oh no! Drop your pecans, the pigs are out!

pigs out

Journey to Uncle Jim’s land to tour the grand ole outhouse and pump well water like a pioneer.

Take a selfie with Grandpa in a Probst Pork semi…and honk the horn like nobody’s home. HONK, HONK!

Granpda selfie in semi

Rescue a baby bird your parents took for dead on the farm road and feed it…just watch!

Visit piggies who are happy to clean your plate’s leftovers!

Feeding pigs Tucker Maya VV

Get fancy with Grandma for her birthday stroll through farmland trails…

Gma Val birthday

Comb Grandpa’s remaining hairs while he naps!

VV Gpa Jim beard comb

Choreograph a scooter show! Encore!!

Scooter show

Take in the prairie sunset…for miles and miles…

Sunset over soybeans

Read “How to Babysit a Grandpa” in Grandpa’s lap…

Gpa bedtime stories

Sleep next to lightning bugs, your night light until all the cousins rise and repeat the rainbow of fun all over again!

Get your tickets to Rainbowland while supplies of sleeping bags last!

Thanks for the memories, Grandma, Grandpa and COUSINS!



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