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Children Are Not Career-Enders.

Let’s stop calling it a career gap. And don’t ever call my children career-enders! Taking time to raise a healthy family should be one of the proudest accomplishments of anyone’s life. It is for me. Not only should parents — and employers! — be proud that people make the decision to prioritize family, they should revel in all they’ve learned and accomplished in the time spent raising the next generation of curious minds.

End the Mommy Wars in Your Head

I made a big mistake when I left my career. Putting my career on pause wasn’t my mistake – far from it. The mistake I made was thinking everyone would champion my choice to stay at home while my children were young.

I remember one of the first times I revealed my plans to leave CNN to another working mom.

“We’ll see how long that lasts?” she chortled, “I give it six months.”

Pregnant with Boone, sitting outside CNN with oldest son, Kirkham.

I played along and smiled back, giving her the knowing look of a mom who’d rather put on a pantsuit than change a poopy diaper. But deep down, I hurt. Her six-month deadline rattled my confidence, reminding me of my first maternity leave and the pressure I felt to return to work and act as if nothing had happened.