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Greetings From Camp Boredom!

reetings from Camp Boredom where the Millers are anything but bored! Four weeks into our summer of intentional boredom (how does boredom pass so fast?!) and many parents are itching like a kid covered in bug bites for the Camp Director’s update.

I gather there’s a well-founded fear that my campers  — and the Camp Director — may not come out of this camp alive. Or perhaps what’s closer to the truth: The Camp Director may not be sane for enrolling her kids in a camp, well, that’s not a real camp.

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Children Are Not Career-Enders.

Let’s stop calling it a career gap. And don’t ever call my children career-enders! Taking time to raise a healthy family should be one of the proudest accomplishments of anyone’s life. It is for me. Not only should parents — and employers! — be proud that people make the decision to prioritize family, they should revel in all they’ve learned and accomplished in the time spent raising the next generation of curious minds.

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Girls Don’t Have to Love Pink, Daddy Says So!

We live in fascinating times when dads offer daughters a worthwhile lesson in pink. I was recently schooled in colors by a certain dad in the House of Obligatory Pink — Mommy-and-Me ballet class with my three-year-old daughter (who was wearing purple).

In an attempt to teach tempo, the ballet teacher handed out a rainbow assortment of ribbons for the children to dance with to the beat. The lone dad and his daughter happened to receive the royal blue ribbon. To my surprise, he acted as if she had been named Cinderella. He applauded the color’s beauty, extolling the history of royal blue, how it was the color of choice for princesses. Take Cinderella’s blue ensemble as proof! Judging by his emphatic eyes, it was his way of telling his daughter that girls could love any color–even blue. Translation: You can do anything a boy can, too!

How true. Now Mommipop Contributor Keith Harrington shares why he takes pride in raising a daughter who’d rather wear blue.

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Every Mom Needs a Mom

She knew I had my hands full and offered to take my son to soccer. She’s a mom.

She noticed my daughter didn’t have ballet shoes and brought an extra pair to class the next week. She’s a neighbor and she’s a mom.

She invited me to lunch when I was lonely. We talked and laughed for hours. She’s a friend and she’s a mom.

She called me when my son bumped his head, when he had a rash and when he skinned his knee. She assured me he’s going to be okay. She’s the school nurse and she’s a mom.

She told me who to see when I needed a good dermatologist, a good pediatric dentist, the best ER for children in town and a good “haircut.” She’s an OB-GYN and she’s a mom.

She made me a coffee during a playdate and let me cry without judgment. She’s a mom.

Choosing to Be a Dad Over Choosing to Drink

Keith driving with kids selfie

Nobody wants to hear it — even if it’s Brad Pitt saying it — but boozing and parenting don’t mix. In case you missed it, Pitt recently opened up about quitting drinking to GQ, and it made international headlines.

Now it’s Keith Harrington’s turn. His story is more than just a headline, though, it might just change your habits, too. What he’ll tell you is quite sobering: The day he gave up drinking is the first day he became a Dad.

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Dear Couch, I Can Explain.

Dear Couch,

You probably overheard me talking about you when the company was over this past week. I didn’t mean what I said really. Okay, I did. But we don’t actually have any concrete plans to get rid of you. I was having a moment, ashamed of your tired looks, your ragged edges and your blotchy arms. I know that sounds harsh. Being beige, you hide it quite well, so I shouldn’t complain.

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When Are Kid Birds Ready To Fly? Survey Says… 27.5!

Laying upside-down on the piano bench, my six-year-old son made the most startling discovery: Our family was expecting… baby birdies!

Sure enough, a mourning dove had hid her nest above the columns on our front porch. As if under a spotlight, her nest appeared only because we all stopped to take a look at the world more like a child — upside-down.

It wasn’t long before the two eggs hatched, and the baby birds discovered their wings. We watched as Mommy Mourning Dove lovingly foraged for and fed her birdies. All of us were fascinated over the equal role of the Daddy Dove as he, too, came home to do his part.

The Do’s and Don’t-Do’s of Weekend Parenting

Keith & Bunny
Dad to two Keith Harrington and Mr. E. Bunny

Kids don’t come with instruction manuals. And for weekend-only parents, the rules of parenting can be even more difficult to figure out. Time with your kids is limited, so it’s easy to fall into the “Disney Dad” trap, showering them with gifts and over-the-top experiences to make up for lost time. Divorced dad Keith Harrington shares his do’s and don’t-do’s for weekend-only parents. These rules apply to week-long parents, too!