What is mommipop all about anyway?

Mommipop is the brainchild of Emily Probst Miller, a journalist and a mom, working on her mom-print — the lasting imprint she will leave on her children.

On Mommipop, you’ll find the parental pep talks, the sisterly pick-me-ups, and the intellectual tickles every mom craves. Mommipop stories put the “pop” back in parenthood, because everyone is better when mom is in a Mommipop state of mind!


The Birth of Mommipop

Mommipop was born within days of giving birth to my second baby boy, Boone, a carefree soul who entered the world feet first on April 30, 2012.

At the time, I was beyond happy to welcome my second son, yet incredibly sad to leave behind my hard-earned 12-year career at CNN. Torn between two worlds — career and family — I became disillusioned with the universal belief that having it all is the hallmark of success. Deep down, having it all wasn’t making me all that happy.


Like many moms, my identity was tied to my career and the transition to motherhood was a challenging period of self-discovery. What I’ve come to realize is many moms struggle in tireless pursuit of an unattainable perfect balance, feeling the pressure to lean in at all costs — or lean out and sacrifice a promotion or a paycheck. In doing so, women end up fatigued and unfulfilled, set up for failure on both the career-front and the home-front.


That’s why I created Mommipop — a place where women can come together and support each other no matter which path we choose. What’s true is we can lean in and lean out at any given moment. More importantly, moms need to lean on each other, Moms are stronger when we are striving together to build each other up. To that end, Mommipop is a web destination for moms to celebrate motherhood and the unexpected life lessons it brings.

Whether looking for parental guidance, the sisterly gift of a giggle or simply a comforting place to exercise your mom-brain, check out Mommipop before you pour that second glass of Chardonnay. (Seriously, try this Mommipop elixir instead.)  With every Mommipop story you read, you’ll find the reliable support you seek in shaping your mom-print — the lasting imprint you leave on your children, molded by the choices you make every day.

In another sense, Mommipop is a state of mind. It’s my hope that indulging in and sharing a few Mommipop stories leads you and your mom-friends to a purposeful happy, the happiness only found when you give more of your best self to those you love.

May you find Mommipop!


PS. Boone is now one of FOUR children pictured below: From left to right: Kirkham, Boone, Valentina and Tucker.

Farmhouse kids favorite 1

 Photography by Paige Molina

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